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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy sets out the basis on which personal information about you may be collected and used when you use (whether to just browse or to make a purchase) on the following website: and on our mobile with us on SK-skincare’s official Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and YouTube accounts (“Social Media”), and purchase SK Skincare items (“Items”) from the Site. By using the Site, registering with an SK Skincare Account and interacting with us on Social Media, you are accepting and consenting to the terms of this policy.

Vic Boaron 021599568  is the owner and operator of the Site and the relevant accounts on the Social Media. Our headquarters is at Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel. +972-54-266-1449

We reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time. The Terms were most recently updated on 1st April 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy on our website, please contact our customer care team at

E-mail List

Customers who wish to sign up for an account or engage with other features on our site, such as marketing programs and “members only” content, will have the choice if they would want to be included on our email list and receive newsletters from us.

If a customer agrees to receive newsletters from SK Skincare Style, they may receive links, information regarding sales, promotions, sweepstakes, and other information that we believe the customer will find interesting. If a customer did not agree to receive emails from SK Skincare, they will not receive these newsletters.

If a customer will no longer like to receive newsletters from SK Skincare, they can click the unsubscribe button located in the link at the bottom of any of our promotional emails.


What are cookies?

Cookies are data that is used to store certain information needed when browsing in communications networks.

Our Cookies are essential to provide our customers with the ultimate experience, and will allow them to:

  • browse our website,
  • use its features,
  • access secure areas.

In order to allow us to tailor your website experience to your preferences and for the website to work to its fullest potential the use of cookies is essential.  By using reporting and analytics cookies we are able to provide a better experience to our customers while using our website, and collect information on how often they use it. The gathering of information done by the cookies is for statistical purposes and only use pseudonymous cookie identifiers which do not identify the user directly.

The performance cookies we use include:

  1. First Party Analytics Cookies- These cookies are used to better understand how our website is performing, which helps us make the relevant changes to improve our customers browsing experience. The first party cookies are not used to target our customers with online marketing.
  2. Third Party Analytics Cookies- At SK Skincare we use Google Analytics and other third party analytics Suppliers in order to assist in measuring and obtain information on how users interact with our website and its content. The analytics cookies “remember” the previous actions our users have done on our website and how they interacted with it.This information will be transferred to a google server where the information will be saved. The information will be used in order to evaluate the use of our customers on the website and report their activity. Google analytics will not share our customers IP address of their browsers with other Google files. It is possible to decline the storage of cookies by appropriately setting the adjustments on the browser. Moreover, If you wish to prevent the processing of data (including the IP address) generated by Google cookies, it can be done by setting the appropriate adjustments on the browser. SK Skincare gathers certain information automatically which is stored in log files. This information may include IP addresses, browser type, operating system and other usage information about the use of our Services, including a history of the pages you view, this information may be automatically combined with other information which was collected. This is done in order to improve the services SK Skincare offers its customers, which includes customized recommendations and advertising, as well as improve marketing, and tracking access and use of the services offered across the devices that are used to access SK Skincare’s services.  SK Skincare may hire third parties in order to provide the information, reports and analysis about usage and browsing patterns of its users. It is important to note that we may record the type of device and operating system the customer is using, information about their general location, events that occured on our website, such as how many times and how often a certain customer uses our website.
  3. In order to tailor marketing to our customers and their interests, and provide them with a more personalized website and services in the future we use Advertising cookies.  These Cookies will remember a customer’s visit on our website, this information may be shared with third parties, like advertisers. Though the advertising cookies are able to track the number of times you visited our website and other sites, they are not able to personally identify you. We use these cookies in order to provide our customers with the most relevant and interesting advertisements tailored for them.
  4. Finally, Social and Content cookies which are used by many companies, such as Facebook’s “like” button, and many other tools in order to provide or make the content better on a website. By integrating these cookies into our website we improve the experience of interacting and browsing with our website. It is important to note that some of these third party services are used for other things, such as, behavioural advertising, analytics, and/or market research.

Using Facebook Plugins

SK Skincare uses Social Plugins from the Facebook social network, provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). These plugins are marked with the Facebook logo or with the addition of “social plug-in of Facebook” or “Facebook Social Plugin”. You can preview Facebook Plugins here: .

When a page that includes one of these Facebook plugins,  the browser automatically establishes a direct connection to the Facebook server. The plugin’s content will be directly transferred to the browser and integrated into the site. This integration allows Facebook to receive information about our customers visits to our website, even if they don’t have an active Facebook account or are not connected to their account. The information (including their IP address) will be directly delivered to the Facebook servers in the U.S, where it will be registered as well. If the customer is connected to Facebook, Facebook is able to immediately follow their visits to SK Skinacre with their Facebook profile. If there is an interaction with the plugins, like clicking on the “like” button or commenting on something, the information will also be transferred and saved on the servers. The information can also be published on the customers Facebook profile.

For any more information about the purpose and volume of collecting data, their subsequent processing and use by Facebook or the customers profile rights and settings regarding privacy policy protection, please check the Facebook Privacy Policy, If a customer wishes to prevent the transfer of their information to SK Skincare’s Facebook profile, they should disconnect from their Facebook profile before visiting our website. They can also prevent Facebook plugins from loading by installing “Facebook Blocker” ( ).